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Dudley Skate Park Project Delayed

Jul 26, 2012

The Dudley Street Skate Park will have to wait for concrete ramps and other structures from a California manufacturer.

Park District Director Ray Peterson says those structures are expected to arrive September 16.

He says, “Unfortunately, when you make that order you get in line. And when you're dealing with the number one supplier in the United States, a few days makes a difference on when you got in line, apparently.”

Peterson also says the district cannot invoke a penalty clause in the contract with the manufacturer since the delay is just a matter of production.

He says once the structures arrive it will take about three days to install them.

Laverdiere Construction has prepared much of the site for the arrival of the concrete structures. The company has sunk holes for posts tol anchor them.

The parking area and sidewalk have not been added yet.

The project will cost about $200,000.