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Drug Testing Possible in WP Schools

Jul 30, 2013

The West Prairie School District Board of Education is still discussing the idea of implementing a drug testing program for students in extracurricular activities.

Superintendent Jonathan Heerboth said the issue was raised by a board member who also coaches in the district.

Either it works as a deterrent, or there aren't that many kids... involved with drugs
Credit Rich Egger

“(He) has heard rumblings from kids that there are some kids who play for us who may be involved with drugs or alcohol,” said Heerboth.

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He said West Prairie is still trying to come up with a set of policies and procedures for random drug testing that will work well for the district.

Dr Heerboth has not offered a recommendation yet. He first would like to see the policies and procedures and discuss them with the district’s administrative team.

In the meantime, Heerboth is continuing to conduct research. He said he has spoken with other school districts that have programs in place and found that policies and procedures vary widely.

He has also found that there are not many students in those districts who are testing positive for drugs or alcohol.

“Either it works as a deterrent, or there aren’t that many kids who are involved with activities who are also involved with drugs,” Heerboth said.

There is no time frame for approving or implementing the program.