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Drop-In Center for Lee County Still Possible

Fort Madison, IA – Lee County is closer to creating a drop-in center for those with mental health and other developmental disabilities. Almost 1 year ago, the county received 4 bids to establish a community mental health center. Now, the Board of Supervisors wants to proceed, and is asking Burlington-based Hope Haven Area Development Center and the Fort Madison YMCA to update their bids to reflect current prices. Chairman George Morgan believes, for the most part, the board supports the concept of a drop-in center. Morgan says the final price tag will dictate whether the board goes through with the project. The original proposals allow for the center, which would be located in Fort Madison, to be open 20 hours per week. Morgan says the location is still a concern for the supervisors. CPC administrator, Jim Posz, expects as many as 20 residents to use the such a center on a regular basis.