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Donnellson Public Library Raising Money

Feb 6, 2012

One southeast Iowa library is taking a different approach to its proposed expansion.

Most fundraising efforts identify a building design and the amount of money needed.

After that, the donations start to come in for the project.

Director Brenda Knox says the Donnellson Public Library is reversing that process.

“We are going to let our fundraising drive determine the design of the building,” says Knox.  “We have some great ideas, but we want to make sure we can raise enough money for the kind of building that we need.”

Knox says this approach was taken because the original estimates were worrying residents.

Supporters will spend the next 2 ½ years raising money.

Knox says the design phase will get underway at around the $500,000 mark.

The new facility would be built at the site of the former Wooden Pig restaurant.

Knox says a new library would be more accessible with additional display space and a more centralized area for children services.

She says the goal is for the library to be about 7,500 square foot and to be energy efficient.

Knox says letters have been sent out to current library patrons and to former Donnellson residents. 

Some upcoming fundraising events include a golf tournament, a tour of homes, and a raffle.

Knox says the money raised will also be used to match state or federal grants that come in for a new public library.

A non-profit organization is being formed to help spur donations.