Developer Alleviates City's Concerns

Macomb, IL – A developer who caught an earful from the Macomb City Council last week is now catching a break.

Aldermen agreed to reduce the performance bond for The Sterling Group. The company is completing work on the Village at Wheeler subdivision. The housing development is located at Wheeler and East Streets on the city's east side.

Last week aldermen questioned the quality of some of the work. There were concerns about whether sewer caps were properly sealed and whether concrete was poured thick enough for sidewalks.

The city now says much of the work appears to be okay and that Sterling has agreed to correct any problems.

Alderman at-large Dennis Moon voted in favor of reducing the performance bond, though he does not sound completely sold. "I'm as confortable as I'm going to be with it," said Moon during the October 19 city council meeting. "(But) if something goes wrong with it, then shame on us."

The performance bond is used to guarantee the work. It's been reduced from more than $1 million to $158,141.

Sterling will save money by paying less for the lower bond.

The Village at Wheeler offers rent-to-own homes. The homes have 3-4 bedrooms. The company says it's an environmentally green community.

Sterling will host an open house at the development at noon on Tuesday October 27. The event will include a ribbon cutting ceremony and tours.

New Fire Rescue Truck

Also at their October 19 meeting, aldermen approved the purchase of a lighter rescue truck for the fire department.

Chief Andy Taylor says the new truck will save money on fuel costs and it can handle more types of calls than the department's current, heavier truck.

"We can make more day-to-day rescue calls and still do the heavy vehicle extrications," says Taylor. "The other one was just strictly set up for heavy vehicle extrications or technical rescue calls."

Taylor also says the department's current rescue vehicle might still fetch a decent resale price. It's ten years old.

The price for the new vehicle is $172,995.

Aldermen also agreed to spend $32,354.74 on rescue equipment, such as Jaws of Life. Taylor says the department's current tools are outdated.