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Des Moines County Borrowing $1.5-Million

Nov 21, 2013

Des Moines County is moving ahead with some long overdue projects and purchases.

The Des Moines County Courthouse steps will be included in the deferred maintenance projects.

The Board of Supervisors has agreed to borrow roughly $1.5-million to pay for them.

Chairman Tom Broeker says the county has been forced to delay capital expenditures in recent years due to budget challenges.

He says this money will make up for that through vehicle purchases for several departments, new computers and equipment and repairs to the county jail and courthouse.

Broeker says the purchases and projects will be spread out over three years.

He says taxes will not be increased because a similar bond issue will be repaid in June 2014.  That money was spent on improvements at the jail, the sheriff's office and the DHS building, GIS equipment and voting machines.

Broeker says the money should be available in December.  It must be repaid in six years.