CSC Creates Comprehensive Advisory Committees

Galesburg, IL – Carl Sandburg College says it's preparing its students to broaden their horizons when entering an increasingly competitive job market.

At its meeting last week, the college's Board of Trustees approved creation of a "Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security Cluster Advisory Committee." It's one of several recently created committees that the college says falls in line with the state of Illinois' 16 outlined "career clusters."

CSC also has cluster advisory committees in manufacturing, business, and is looking to create one for transportation.

CSC's Dean of Occupational Programs, Mark Pfleiger, says eliminating narrow advisory committees to focus on clusters of occupations will benefit students by giving them a better view of the bigger picture in their career field.

"We look to try to get a broad scope of people on the advisory committee that kind of represent all aspects, or all sectors of that employment area as best we can so we can have those folks as resources."

Pfleiger says it would behoove students to start thinking early about various options within a chosen career field; thinking which is fostered by wide-ranging advisory committees. For example, he says some students may enter college wanting to be a police officer, but may end up wanting to be a parole officer by the time they graduate.

Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security Cluster Advisory Committee members include police officers from Macomb, Monmouth, and Galesburg. Representatives from area sheriff's departments, correctional facilities and state agencies are also members.