County's Workplace Safety Measures Pay Off

Macomb, IL – Despite the grim budget outlook, it appears McDonough County will save money in at least one area.

Finance Committee Chair Alice Henry says the county will save roughly $70,000 next year on workers compensation premiums. She says the state finally noticed contributions from the county's safety committee.

"They go to each of the county's buildings, look for safety hazards, look for ways to get those safety hazards corrected and so on," she says. "It's worked."

Henry the board helped save the money because it makes sure county employees are aware of workplace safety standards.

However, the savings from reduced workers compensation premiums could be largely offset.

Henry says the county received a letter from the state last week stating salary reimbursements for public defenders and assessors statewide will be cut in half. In addition, aid to the Sheriff's, Treasurer's and Coroner's offices will be reduced by about 35 percent.

Henry says the county should still save some money from the reduced premiums, despite the reduction in state aid.