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Council Approves New Zone

Macomb, IL – After weeks of discussion, Macomb aldermen unanimously approved a new zoning designation for medium density, multi-family neighborhoods.

The city says this will alleviate some pressures associated with high density, multi-family neighborhoods -- or R-4.

During the council's Committee of the Whole meeting last week, Community Development Coordinator Ed Basch said some areas currently designated R-4 aren't equipped to handle that type of occupancy -- namely older, single family structures in single family neighborhoods that house too many people.

Basch says the new R3A designation will only allow four units per property. Up to four unrelated individuals will be allowed to live in one unit at a time.

Mayor Mick Wisslead says this will be helpful, particularly in dense northwest quadrant areas such as Adams Street.

"Everybody did agree with that, because it was R-4 going down to R-3, so it is going down in zoning."

The city is required to hold a public hearing each time it seeks to change a zoning designation. Basch says the new zone will be in place ten days from this Tuesday.

Property Split Request Denied

The City Council also heard a request Monday to restructure a plot of land on East Carroll Street. The property's owner, Justin Greenwood, wanted to split into two properties.

His request was denied, even though the land is properly zoned for such action.

Aldermen were concerned that approving a land split would essentially "move the city a step backwards," as they'd just recently approved a measure to help prevent multiple family housing in single family neighborhoods.

Alderman Ed Lavin expressed concern that the city could be sued for denying Greenwood the permit, as he's in full compliance with city regulations. City Attorney Liz Wilhelm replied the city can be sued every time it acts upon a planning commission recommendation.

To listen to the council's discussion on the matter, click play on the audio link above.