Council Approves Mixed Use District

Macomb, IL – Adams Street in Macomb is now a mixed use district.

The City Council approved the rezoning this week. The 88 parcels had been zoned for the highest density multi-family housing. "It started out being the Adams Street Overlay Project," says Mayor Mick Wisslead. "We were going to do an overlay of the zoning district on top of it. When it came down to it we thought it'd be better to designate the zone and just rezone everything in there."

Wisslead says rezoning the properties will help clean up Adams Street. "This is the cleanest way," says Wisslead. "It's kind of funny. We had some people that were originally opposed to this and now they're upset that their property isn't included in this. It really tightens up what can happen there."

The council also approved a measure that will require one-point-25 parking spaces per bedroom. "It regulates where the parking is allowed," says Wisslead.

Wisslead says the next step is to create a TIF District for the Adams Street corridor. "It will help us work on this," says Wisslead. "It'll be a two-to-three months down the road. We will be meeting with some of our TIF consultants to try to finalize some of this process."

"At that point there would be a public hearing on the redo of our downtown TIF and this new TIF," says Wisslead.