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Cornfed – The Sequel

Jan 17, 2013

Organizers of the Cornfed Film Fest in Macomb believe their debut was a hit so they’re preparing a sequel.

Committee member Nancy Crossman said organizers are working to make Cornfed even bigger and better this year.

“We’re hoping that this year we’ll have almost all independent films,” Crossman said.

We're hoping that this year we'll have almost all independent films...

“Last year we did a combination of independent films and some commercial films. This year we are trying to encourage independent filmmakers to participate in the festival.”

The process of recruiting films is already underway. Crossman said film submissions will be accepted until March 1. She said a recent fundraiser could help organizers offer more prize money and perhaps pay for some other expenses.

Ryan Walker participated last year as filmmaker with his first movie Zielinski. This year, he is part of the organizing committee.

“After the festival (last year) I immediately said I wanted to help for the next time,” Walker said. “I had a really great time last year. I’m from Macomb so I’m happy to see this happening and growing.”

Walker said he lived in Columbia, MO for ten years and witnessed how that town’s film festival grew over the years. He said it’s now a big event that includes a parade, a lot of sponsors, and many volunteers.

“We can do the same kind of thing here. It just takes time and working together and people kind of believing that it can happen here,” Walker said.  

The second Cornfed Film Fest will be held April 12 – 14, 2013. Locations and film times have yet to be scheduled.