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Corn Planting Behind 2012, but Still OK

Apr 8, 2013

Farmers are a bit behind compared to last year when it comes to planting corn. Though they don’t have to worry quite yet.

Farmers in the Tri-States a little behind 2012 - but that's ok.
Credit http://www.ipm.iastate.edu/ipm/icm/2006/5-22/replant.html

Recent rains have kept most farmers from getting into the field but there are several weeks before delays in planting will affect yields.

Angie Peltier is an Agricultural Educator with University of Illinois Extension in Monmouth.
 She said the data is pretty clear.

"Planting date  doesn't really have much of an effect on yield until corn is planted after the beginning of may.  And so we're actually in pretty good shape right now," Peltier said.

She said that 2012 was an outlier when compared to other years when it comes to have earlier farmers got their crops in.

Peltier also said the rain has kept farmers from doing much in the field, but it has recharged the soil moisture that was depleted by last year’s drought.