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Coordinator Says Patients Get Quality Care

Jul 6, 2012

Hancock County's ambulance coordinator says patients are receiving quality care on their way to the hospital.

Perry Cameron admits the district has had a number of problems. At times, crews have not properly checked to make sure their ambulances are properly equipped. Some paperwork has been incompletely filled out. He says those problems obscure the quality of care patients are getting.

He says, “Sometimes we get hung up on the details of simple things that aren't quite perfect. Not that they're not important. Because they are important to insure that we do have what we need to take care of that patient. Ultimately, we are providing quality care to the patients of Hancock County.”

He says  recently a patient with chest pains was being transported to the hospital. The ambulance crew followed protocol and was able to open the blockage to the heart before the patient arrived at the hospital.

He says, “Anytime you can do that you are saving lives. You're improving the care of the people.”
The county board has heard presentations from Peoria-based Advanced Medical Transport to take over management of the service. Cameron says the district deserves a chance to prove itself.

He says, “We are headed in the right direction. Does it take time? Yes. Did these problems come up overnight? No. Are they going to be resolved. Yes, they are.”

Cameron also says the recently dissolved EMS Board increased the district's capabilities. It helped the district obtain much needed, and expensive equipment. That includes two heart monitors that cost $32,000 each.  He also says the district acquired newer ambulances during the four-and-a-half years the EMS board was in existence.