Construction to Begin This Week

Macomb, IL – Work at the Macomb Park District's University Drive site will begin this week.

Construction was set to start Monday, but rain kept that from happening.

Park District Director Ray Petersen says construction was not supposed to begin until August First. "We are ahead of schedule," says Petersen. "Hopefully the earth moving will start this week and we can get those major portions of that, the roadway construction the cutout for the ballfield and so on, done by the middle of August. Then we'll reduce the amount of destruction and start the actual construction."

Petersen says there might be a small setback. He thought all of the necessary permits for the project had been obtained.

The Park District was told by an archaeologist it might need an "excavation for public owned property" permit to move forward with the project. "It's a permit we have never heard of," says Petersen. "So we are trying to find out whether or not that particular permit applies to us."

Petersen hopes the permit is not necessary and if it is, it will not delay the project. "One of the problems with some of these permits is it can delay a project for a couple of weeks," Petersen says.

The cost of phase one of the University Drive project is nearly $1.7 million dollars. Lavadier Construction of Macomb is doing phase one of the project.