Comprehensive Plan Survey Almost Ready

Macomb, IL – If you live in McDonough County, you might soon be asked a bunch of questions by the county. The survey was put together by the Comprehensive Plan Committee. It'll be sent out once a few minor changes are made to it.

The survey has been condensed considerably. It was originally 122 questions. Now it's 56. Committee Chair Bill Carle says he is comfortable with that change. "Well, I think it was the verbiage and the language in the survey itself," says Carle. "We tried to make it simple and painless as possible for the people to digest."

"We want to make sure that this thing is whole," says Carle. "I'm sure we are going to miss a few things here and there. But I think the people are going to be satisfied with what's been put together."

Carle does not know when the survey will be sent out. It will be up to the Western Illinois Regional Council to send the surveys out to a random sampling of the public. "Hopefully we will get this thing distributed in the very near future," says Carle.

The surveys will also be available online, at every public library in the county, and the county clerk's office.

"The next step will be to schedule some town hall meetings," says Carle. "We will have different groups, different social organizations, look at this and give us their thoughts and interpretations about it too."