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Classrooms in Keokuk to Close

Keokuk, IA – Classrooms in several Keokuk elementary schools will close their doors during the next school year. The school board has approved the district's certified budget for next year. The district faced a nearly $1,000,000 shortfall due to increased costs of salaries, benefits, energy, and additional staff. To clear the deficit, the school board approved using new state revenue and making some significant cuts. One such move is to close classrooms in Lincoln and Torrance elementary schools... and mvoe the students to other builidngs. Margaret Cook says she still has questions and concerns about how the move will impact her children. Superintendent Jane Babcock says questions about the futures of Lincoln and Torrance should be answered by January. The district also plans to cut 3 part-time elementary school teachers and hold off on purchasing curriculum. THe property tax rate, in next year's budget, will stay at about the same level as the rate in the current fiscal year.