Clark County To Decide Courthouse Future

Kahoka, MO – Voters will help determine the future of the Clark County Courthouse during the election on November 3.

Residents must decide whether Clark County should borrow $4-million to build a new complex in Kahoka. They must also decide whether a -cent sales tax should be established to help pay for it.

The courthouse is more than 125-years old. It is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Supporters say a new facility would allow for increased security in the courtroom. They say it would also provide more space for county government operations.

Karla Derrick is with the Save Our Courthouse Committee. She says the courthouse is a unique piece of architecture that needs to be preserved.

Derrick says her group wants to see the courthouse restored and an annex added so county services can continue. She says a cost estimate for her group's idea is still being developed.

Voters must approve both ballot questions for the new facility to move forward.