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City Turns to Aeration to Solve Water Woes

Jul 2, 2012

Carthage is trying a new solution to a persistent problem last year-water discoloration. The city's drinking water was never unsafe, just unsavory. It was frequently a dull green. The city liberally applied chemicals to the water with little effect.

Second-ward Alderman Gary Smith says the three aerators will bubble air through the lake. The action will thoroughly mix the layers of water and reduce algae formation.

He says, “This is kind of an ongoing process. It might take a year to get the lake rehabilitated.”

The aerators will also help eliminate debris that has settled to the bottom of the lake. Smith says the lake did not “turn over” last year, in part, due to dry conditions.

The aerators cost about $13,000. If they are effective, the city might add more to the lake.

Smith says the aerators might pay for themselves in one year, considering the thousands of dollars in chemicals the city used last year.