City Election Fields Set

Lee County, IA – The deadline has passed for candidates to get on the ballot for the November municipal elections in Southeast Iowa.

KeokukThere is a crowded field in the race to be Keokuk's next mayor.

Five candidates are looking to replace Keokuk Mayor Dave Gudgel. Gudgel is stepping down after eight years in office.
Twelve residents filed to serve on the Keokuk City Council. Seven of the nine seats on the panel are up for grabs.
The filing deadline was Thursday, September 17.

Chuck Betts
Gordon Blankenship
Per Malm
Carol Mardis
Tom Marion

*Incumbent Dave Gudgel chose not to seek re-election

City Council - At-Large (4 year)
Zane Zirkel

* Incumbent Doug Matlick chose not to seek re-election

City Council - At-Large (2 year)
Brian Barnes
Lonnie McCarty
Brandon Parsons
Daniel Winn

* Incumbent Mark Hoyt chose not to seek re-election

City Council - 1st Ward (4 year)
John Helenthal
* Mike O'Connor - Incumbent

City Council - 3rd Ward (4 year)
* Ron Payne - Incumbent

City Council - 5th Ward (4 year)
Michael Girard

* Incumbent Justin Tuck chose not to seek re-election

City Council - 6th Ward (2 year)
* Karole Smith - Incumbent
Melvin Smith

City Council - 7th Ward (4 year)
* Susan Dunek - Incumbent

If no one in the race for Keokuk Mayor receives more than 50% of the votes cast on November 3, a run-off election would be needed. Lee County Elections Coordinator Denise Fraise says that would take place, between the top two vote-getters, on December 1.


Mayor (2 year)
* Bill Young - Incumbent

City Council - At-Large (4 year)
* Matt Morrison - Incumbent
Deb Nagel
* Kevin Schneider - Incumbent

* Incumbent Gary Lightfoot chose not to seek re-election.

Fort Madison
Keokuk is not the only city in Lee County to have a contested mayoral race on the ballot during the November 3 city election.

Mayor (2 year)
* Steve Ireland - Incumbent
Spencer Fraise

City Council - 2nd Ward (4 year)
* Chris Greenwald - Incumbent

City Council - 4th Ward (4 year)
Jason Huppert
Preston Hampton

* Incumbent Neil Boeding chose not to seek re-election.

City Council - At Large (4 year)
* Brad Randolph - Incumbent


Mayor (2 year)
* Tamara Nichols - Incumbent

City Council - At-Large (Vote for 5)
Corey Gerdes

West Point

Mayor (2 year)
* Paul Walker - Incumbent

City Council - At Large (Choose 5)
John Brinck
Larry Buchholz
Melanie Scheirbrock
Bruce Wellman
Mary Kathryn Winnike


* Greg Ruth - Incumbent

City Council - At-Large (Choose 3)
Mark Conlee
John Geyer
Mark Holland
Mary Van Pelt