City Considers Zoning Change

Macomb, IL – The Macomb Planning Commission wants to revise the definition of "family" as it pertains to those residing in single family homes.

The city wants to revise the ordinance, last updated in 2007, to allow foreign exchange students, live-in nurses or live-in nannies to reside in a single family home. The current ordinance states only a family, or two unrelated persons, may reside in a dwelling designated R-1 or R-2.

Community Development Coordinator Ed Basch says changing the ordinance will be a lengthy process. He anticipates vocal opposition to the proposal.

"There are some people who feel that we don't really need to do anything because it hasn't caused a problem over the past few years," says Basch. "There's also some feeling that if we start adding exceptions, then we're going to open the door for other types of situations."

Basch says changing the definition of "family" is the easiest way to ensure nurses, nannies and foreign exchange students can live in a single family home. He says those living in the home could apply for a special use permit, but that would take too much time.

Wednesday's Planning Commission meeting was the first step in this process. Basch says the commission will hold a public hearing on Feb. 24th to gather public input.

Basch says the commission will then compile a final recommendation, and present it to the full city council for a first reading and discussion.