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City and Union Continue to Disagree on New Position

Jun 25, 2012

A proposed administrative position in the Beardstown Police Department remains in limbo.

The item was not on the last city council agenda. The city's Fire, Police and Ambulance Committee will try to find a resolution.

The city council and police union agree on the need for a second shift supervisor. The parties disagree on the standing of the position.

The city considers the position administrative and, hence, non-union. The police union wants the position covered under its contract with the city.

Mayor Bob Walters says there are also differences on the potential duties.

He says, “The union's position is that the individual chosen cannot perform any police functions. I feel strongly that the people of Beardstown would rather have a police officer on duty functioning as a police officer to protect the citizens of Beardstown.”

He says the standing would also determine who selects the person who would fill the position. If it's a union position, the police chief would make the choice. If it's not, the mayor would make the selection with the approval of the city council.

Walters says city council might drop the proposed position if a solution can't be found.