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Chicago Reporter Discusses Blagojevich Trial

Macomb, IL – The highly publicized trial of former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich should continue through the summer. He's accused of attempting to use his power as governor to "sell" President Obama's former Senate seat to the highest bidder, among other things.

Local media, as well as media from across the country, have descended on Chicago to report the trial. One such reporter is Don Norton, an anchor/reporter for WGN Radio who claims residency in both Macomb and Chicago. He is a former broadcasting instructor for Western Illinois University.

Norton was WGN Radio's pool reporter on the day of the trial's opening statements. That means he was responsible for reporting from the Dirksen Federal Building throughout the day.

Norton says it's challenging to tell a story from a federal trial. No cameras, microphones, or any recording devices at all are allowed in the courtroom. He says that means he must pay very close attention to several aspects of what's going on. That could include monitoring facial expressions from the prosecution, defense, jury, spectators, and others. It could mean following the actual proceedings, or it could also mean analyzing the statements.

To listen to Norton's perspective of the Blagojevich trial, click "play" on the audio link above.