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CCR-1 School District Prepares For Busy Construction Season

Kahoka, MO – The Clark County R-1 School District will borrow $4-million. Voters overwhelmingly approved the district's plan to borrow the money during last week's election.

Superintendent Ritchie Kracht says engineers will start coming in this week.

"We are going to, as quickly as possible, start moving to get them in here," says Kracht, "and getting bid specs out and start accepting bids. Hopefully we can get some pieces going early this summer."

Kracht says the first project to go out for bid should involve upgrading the wiring and lighting at the middle school and at the high school gymnasium.

Contractor and material availability could lead some projects to start later than anticipated. These projects include adding energy efficient windows to several buildings and resurfacing the high school parking lot.

Kracht says the current list of projects totals about $4-million. He says if the bids come in low, the district will pull from a secondary project list that includes another $5-million in construction.

Kracht says the district is thankful that the county's plan to borrow $4-million for the courthouse did not impact CCR-1's efforts. He says the fact that property taxes will not go up, because of either bonding plan, was a big help.

List of improvement projects
Separate bus and vehicle traffic lanes at Black Hawk Elementary
Waste-water treatment facility upgrades to meet DNR regulations at Running Fox Elementary
Electrical upgrades at the Middle School
Pavement & accessibility improvements at the High School
Site drainage at all buildings
Security entrance and vestibule construction at the Middle School
Replace interior doors at Black Hawk and Running Fox. Replace interior door-locking mechanisms at the Middle School and High School. All classrooms doors will lock from the inside in case of emergencies.
Outside security lighting upgrades at Middle and High School
Gymnasium window replacement at the Middle School

Building Maintenance and Structural Stability
Fascia & soffit upgrades on the east wing of the Middle School
Structural floor, slab, and wall repairs at both elementary buildings due to settling
Roof replacements at Running Fox, Black Hawk, and the east wing of the Middle School

Student Comfort & Energy Efficiency
Roof-top HVAC unit controls and zoning on 16 units at the High School
Energy efficient window replacements at Running Fox, Black Hawk, and the Middle School.
Additional wall insulation at the Middle School
Corridor and boiler room window replacements at the Middle School
Classroom and gym lighting upgrades at the Middle School
Gym lighting upgrades at the High School
Air conditioning at the technology lab at the High School
East wing HVAC replacement (to include air conditioning) at the Middle School
Air conditioning at Running Fox and Black Hawk.