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Carrie Steele : Anti-Bullying Top Priority

Sep 8, 2013

Carrie Steele says if she is elected to one of the three open seats on the Keokuk School Board, her top priority will be protecting the children of the district.

Carrie Steele is one of four candidates for three seats on the Keokuk School Board
Credit Carrie Steele

Steele is one of four candidates whose names will appear on the September 10 ballot.

She says she would push to expand anti-bullying efforts through the district.

“I think there should be more hall monitors and some more help, as far as teachers walking the halls,” says Steele, “and if they see something, actually stop it right then and there instead of not recognizing the issue.”

She says the issue of bullying is a difficult subject for her and her family.

Steele sued the Keokuk School District, on behalf of her daughter, in 2012 following a physical altercation involving her daughter.

The district was found to be negligent in preventing the incident and ordered to cover medical and legal expenses.

Steele says she also supports the addition of a high school course that would focus on labor unions and collective bargaining.

“How it came about, what happened, and the importance of it,” says Steele, “I think by having that involved with everything else… it gives them a well-rounded opportunity for knowing the reality of the workers.”

Steele says she also wants to expand dual-credit offerings so students are better prepared for college and she wants to make sure the budget has enough money to where teachers do not have to use their own money to buy needed classroom supplies.