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Busy Day In St. Patrick, MO

St. Patrick, MO – Janie Hawkins says a typical day as postmaster in St. Patrick, MO means working on her computer and sorting about 40 pieces of mail. She says that number skyrockets when the calendar rolls to March.

"We should get about 10,000 letters this month," says Hawkins.

That figure works out to about 325 letters/day, including Sundays.

St. Patrick, MO is believed to be the only town in the world, with that name, that has a working post office. Local residents design a special holiday cancellation stamp each year.

Hawkins says people from around the world want that stamp on their letters or postcards.

"I think they just want to wish them a Happy St. Patrick's Day," says Hawkins, "and to put that special cancellation on it, it just puts that little extra seal on there."

Hawkins says March 10, 12, and 15 are pretty busy because people want their letters to arrive early. But she says they do not compare to St. Patrick's Day, which is the one day she needs help.

"I do it up until (St. Patrick's Day) and then I have Kenny Krueger (my PMR) come in," says Hawkins, "and what he does is cancel mail. I appreciate it so much because my back is sore."

Janie Hawkins says things will return to normal at the Saint Patrick post office in a couple of weeks.