Bushnell Rotary Providing ShelterBoxes

Bushnell, IL – The Bushnell Rotary Club is thinking global, acting local.

The club is raising money locally to pay for ShelterBoxes that are sent to disaster victims around the globe.

The club's Ken McClintock says each ShelterBox includes numerous items to help people through a disaster, such as a large tent, blankets, sleeping mats, sleeping bags, water containers, water purification tablets, a trenching shovel, eating utensils, and more.

"We're preparing to help people and we want the communities to know they can help too," says McClintock. "Monies go directly to provide shelter to people who have lost everything."

He says Rotary's ShelterBox program decides where the assistance should be sent.

Each ShelterBox costs around $1,200.

McClintock says local donations for the ShelterBox program can be made at banks in Bushnell and Avon.

"Here's an opportunity. Go to a local bank and all the funds will be going to help in these disaster relief efforts," says McClintock.

He says much of the disaster relief work was focused on Haiti after that nation was devastated by an earthquake in January. Some of those efforts will shift to Chile in response to the massive earthquake that shook that country over the weekend.

"I think everyone realizes that disasters of this magnitude means that the people have literally zero protection from the elements. They have no way to provide for their families," says McClintock.

"It's such an immediate need that you can't wait for months for this relief. So ShelterBox is always prepared, and the only way we can keep it prepared is to keep funding the ShelterBox program."

Rotary International was founded in 1905 in Chicago. There are now chapters in 137 countries around the world.

McClintock says Bushnell's chapter started in 1923. He says it currently has 26 members.