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Bushnell Recycling Schedule to Change

May 15, 2012

Bushnell has been gung-ho about recycling. The sheer volume will be reflected in a schedule change later this month.

Currently, Waste Management picks up all the city's recycling at curbside every other week.

Mayor Steve Russell said the company has asked to expand its schedule.

He said, “They said that they would have to make the change because the recycling was going so much better in Bushnell than it had been.”

Russell said it's not just a matter of a greater volume of recyclables. He said a drive down any street shows more people are putting out their recycling containers.

The routes will be split along Gridley Street. The company will pick up recyclables from those south of the street beginning May 24th. The company will pick up recycling for those north of the street the following week. Waste Management will then continue that rotation

The company will send the new schedule to each customer.