Burlington Still Waiting On New School

Burlington, IA – The Burlington School District wanted to open North Hill Elementary School and Aldo Leopold Middle School last August. North Hill opened on time while Aldo Leopold is still under construction.

Business Manager Chris Van Meter says the project has been delayed, in part, by several sub-contractors going out of business. Other reasons cited in recent months include the weather, equipment failure, and the swine flu.

Van Meter says the latest estimate is that Aldo Leopold Middle School could be handed over to the Burlington School District in February. She says the key work going on right now is the addition of cabinets.

Van Meter says it would take the district an additional six weeks to add furniture, technology, and other school necessities. She says that means the district will likely wait until the end of the 2009/2010 school year to move into Aldo Leopold Middle School.

Van Meter says, with that in mind, a special event will likely be held for the 8th graders who were supposed to attend the new school She says the district wants to make sure they have some memories from the event.

Gym Floor

Van Meter says there is one aspect of the new school that cannot be completed until the spring. She says a maple wood gym floor has yet to be installed.

Van Meter says the humidity is too low to install the floor. She says if the floor is installed now, it could expand and buckle as the humidity increases.