Burlington Schools To Meet With Neighbors

Burlington, IA – School administrators will meet with neighbors to try to resolve concerns about the Burlington's School District's plan for a new middle school.

About two dozen residents turned out for a recent public hearing on the design for the building. Superintendent Lee Morrison says their concerns include traffic congestion and the footprint of the proposed school along Dill Street.

Morrison says the fact that the proposed location of the new middle school was switched, mid-stream, led to a neighborhood meeting not taking place earlier in the process. The school board originally looked at replacing James Madison Middle School before deciding on the Dill Street property.

The meeting is expected to talk place the week of August 17.

Morrison says construction is scheduled to begin in about one month. He says the district has secured the land it needs for the roughly $20-million dollar project.

Morrison says the cost of the project was also an issue during the recent public hearing. He says original estimates showed that the new building would cost around $2-million more than renovations to James Madison Middle School.

Morrison says the district will eventually try to sell Oak Street Middle School. He says James Madison Middle School will eventually be used for technology and as an alternative high school.

New Schools
Meanwhile, one of the district's new schools will not be ready when classes resume on August 20.

Superintendent Lee Morrison says North Hill Elementary School will open on time. He says an open house is slated for the end of the month.

But Morrison says Aldo Leopold will remain closed. He says the contractors have told the district that it could be late October before the school is completed.

Morrison says a mid-semester move is an option. He says the school board wants to be a part of those discussions, though, so nothing has been finalized.