Burlington School Months From Opening

Burlington, IA – The timeline for opening the Burlington School District's newest school continues to be pushed back.

The district decided to build a new elementary school and middle school about the same time. The goal was for North Hill Elementary School and Aldo Leopold Middle School to open at the start of the current school year.

Only North Hill met that goal.

Superintendent Lee Morrison says the latest report is that Aldo Leopold could be turned over to the district by late January.

"We have promised our staff and got people so excited and so worked up over this on so many occasions," says Morrison, "I don't intend to announce another anticipated move until we get a clear picture of when that is going to be open."

Aldo Leopold Middle School will eventually replace Oak Street Middle School.

Morrison says the general contractor (Carl A. Nelson Company) has told the district the delays were initially caused by bad weather. He says recent delays have been linked to equipment breakdowns, sub-contractors going out of business, and the swine flu.

Morrison says the district initially was told the site would be ready last May. He says the next missed deadline was Sept. 30.

Morrison says the district could start outfitting a few rooms in Aldo Leopold Middle School prior to Chirstmas. He says a mid-year move, though, will not be discussed until a firm turn-over date is set.