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Burlington School Low Performing

Burlington, IA – The Iowa Department of Education says Oak Street Middle School is one of the lowest performing schools in the state. Assistant Superintendent Jane Evans says the school's inclusion was based on low test scores over the last three years.

Evans says this is the first year the state has created this type of list. She says the state took the number of students who were proficient in math and reading and divided that number by the total students taking the state test.

Evans says the district is exploring various student improvement methods. She says one (90-90-90) has been implemented at schools with high poverty rates, high minority populations, and high test scores.

"They increase the amount of time that is spent on literacy and math," says Evans, "in fact, many of the schools will spend as many as three hours a day on literacy activities."

Evans says the district has already started providing computer-based learning programs and a math coach to work with middle school teachers.

Oak Street Middle School is on a state watch list for math scores.

The Burlington School District held a special meeting to inform parents of the distinction and to discuss the improvement strategies. A special work session will take place during the January 25 meeting of the Burlington School Board.