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Burlington School Extends Tax Levy

Burlington, IA – The Burlington School District's current instructional support levy expires June 30.

The School Board has voted to extend it by 5 years. The move was possible after no one voiced any opposition during a public hearing and a 28-day public comment period.

Business Manager Chris Van Meter says the levy started out as 75% local property tax revenue/25% state funding. She says the state has gradually cut its portion of the levy.

Van Meter says the local portion of the levy should generate about $1.7-million next year. She says questions remain as to how much the state will contribute.

Van Meter says the money can be used for a wide variety of programs. She says the only restrictions involve drop-out prevention programs and talented and gifted services.

Van Meter says the district originally adopted the ISL for all-day kindergarten. She says the money was used to back-fill budget cuts in 2005.

The district had the option of extended the levy by 10 years. That would have required a public vote.