Burlington Must Decide on Cascade Bridge

Burlington, IA – The Burlington City Council must make some decisions about an aging bridge that is currently closed to vehicle traffic.

The first decision is whether to close Cascade Bridge to pedestrian traffic. Vehicles have been barred from using the bridge that connects Main Street with Crapo Park for about one year.

Several residents in favor of the pedestrian ban during the council's most recent meeting. Several aldermen echoed those sentiments.

Burlington City Manager Doug Worden says the steel bridge is in poor shape because it is nearly 115-years old. He says the structure cannot be repaired, so the only options are replacing it or letting it stand until it must be torn down.

Worden says the city's consultants on Cascade Bridge estimate it could cost between $3.5-million and $6-million to replace the structure. A new bridge would have a life span of about 75 years.

The city says it would cost about $250,00 to take the bridge down. Worden says Burlington could qualify for up to $1-million for a replacement project.

Worden says no decision has been made about the pedestrian traffic on the bridge or the future of the current structure. He says a final vote could take place Oct. 19.