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Burlington Leasing Apple Trees

Jul 3, 2013

The Burlington City Council has agreed to lease a vacant building to a local preservation organization.

Apple Trees building in Burlington

The Heritage Trust for the Preservation and Restoration of Historic Burlington will take control of the Apple Trees building in Perkins Park.

The organization will be in charge of repairs and maintenance, per the 10-year lease, while the city will maintain the land around the building.

City Manager Jim Ferneau says about $70,000 in improvements and repairs, including a new elevator and windows, before the building can be occupied.

He says the idea of leasing out the Apple Trees building was prompted by a small, local group that wanted to restore and sub-lease the property.

The group is still seeking non-profit status, which is why the Heritage Trust stepped in and leased the building, which has sat vacant for several years.

The organization will pay $100/year in rent per the lease.