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Burlington City Hall Staying Put

Burlington, IA – City Manager Doug Worden says the current Burlington City Hall has its share of issues. He says it can be hard for people to access the city council chambers and to find off-street parking.

Worden says the current location also allows people to come in and out of the building at will. He says that worries some employees.

Those issues prompted a discussion about moving operations to the former train depot in downtown Burlington. That proposal hinged on selling the current city hall at 400 Washington Street to the Southeast Iowa Regional Planning Commission.

The Burlington City Council has put an end to that discussion. The panel has reached a consensus not to offer the building to SEIRPC.

City Manager Doug Worden says the panel did not want to rush a significant decision.

"They felt they needed more time to think about it," says Worden, adding "before making a decision. Nothing is really off-the-table for the future, but any move would hinge on selling the current city hall."

Worden says the feasibility study on the train depot is also on hold. Burlington acquired the depot after the flood of 1993.

Worden says it could cost around $3-million to renovate the structure and to add proper flood protection. He believes grant money would be available for the project.

You can hear more with City Manager Doug Worden by clicking the audio link above.