Burlington Budget Includes Tax Hike

Burlington, IA – City Manager Doug Worden says Burlington's proposed budget for the FY10-FY11 fiscal year is nearly $50-million. That's nearly $11-million more than the budget for the previous fiscal year.

Worden says capital expenses account for much of the increase. He says there is money in the budget to replace Cascade Bridge, to improve the wastewater treatment plant, and to upgrade sewers.

Worden says the city will have to increase solid waste and sewer fees to bring in money for the capital projects. He says the property tax rate will also jump by $0.30.

"That's unfortunate," says Worden, "but that's mostly being driven by an increase in the municipal fire and police retirement contribution of about $169,000."

Worden says services will remain the same while a few new employees will be added during the upcoming fiscal year. He says departmental travel and energy budgets were cut in the spending plan.

Worden says Burlington was able to avoid using cash reserves to balance the general fund portion of the budget. He says capital expenses were cut to clear up an initial shortfall of around $350,000.

Worden says the budget includes wage increases per current union contracts. He says a budget hearing will take place March First.

You can hear more with Burlington City Manager Doug Worden by clicking the audio link above.