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Burlington Budget Coming Together

Feb 3, 2012

Burlington’s upcoming budget is expected to include money for a popular community attraction.

The city’s current budget does not include any money for Dankwardt Pool.

The former city council felt the pool had reached the point where its condition did not justify further investments.

The only reason the pool opened its doors, last summer, was community support and donations.

Interim City Manager Dan Luttenegger says this city council does not want to repeat last year’s decision on Dankwardt Pool.

“This council decided they wanted to bring it back in,” says Luttenegger, “there are some maintenance issues we have but they want us to find the money to put it back in and get it opened again this year.”

Luttenegger says the pool traditionally operates at a deficit, so about $25,000 is needed to cover the expected shortfall for the upcoming season.

He says improved attendance would reduce that figure.

Another project that has garnered plenty of public interest will not be funded during the fiscal year that begins July 1: Cascade Bridge.

Luttenegger says there are still too many questions surrounding that project.

He says borrowing several million dollars, now, would increase the property tax rate by roughly 20 cents.

The exclusion of Cascade Bridge does not mean property taxes will decrease.

Luttenegger says Burlington’s proposed budget calls for a three-cent increase in the property tax rate to help build up reserve accounts.

He says the spending plan does not require program cuts or layoffs, but it says there are also no new initiatives for 2012-2013.

The city’s spending plan must be certified by mid-March.