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Budget Surplus for Sheriff's Department

Macomb, IL – While the budgets of many county, state and federal agencies are bleeding red, the McDonough County Sheriff's office ended FY2009 in the black.

Sheriff Rick VanBrooker says his office came in about $100,000 under budget after combining general county tax and public safety sales tax revenues. Also, he says the department's appropriation was the same as 2008's when fuel costs were much higher and deputies were paid more overtime.

He also says there's a few thousand dollars set aside in a reserve fund.

VanBrooker says the department will is getting the same appropriation in the new budget year.

"The budget for fiscal year '10 is already set, and [the appropriation] will remain the same as in 2009," says VanBrooker. "So that excess we had we'll have to use for any unforseeables this year and to cover raises."

VanBrooker says union contract negotiations are still ongoing, and they're likely headed toward mediation.

The sheriff is not expecting to increase staff or expand the department.