A Bridge to Somewhere

Macomb, IL – It does not look like much, but a new bridge in Macomb is winning praise from neighborhood residents.

The small bridge is on Franklin Street. It was closed more than three years ago because of structural problems that came to light after a car ran into it.

There was talk of keeping it closed, but instead the city rebuilt it and re-opened it this week with a ribbon cutting ceremony.

The ribbon was cut by Nita Moon, who lives near the bridge. She says a lot of people use the street as part of an alternate route to Edison School.

"It is a very busy street. So now I'll probably have to complain about the traffic," joked Moon. "But I'll try not to do that."

The city says the reconstruction project cost around $160,000. Fourth Ward Alderman Mike Inman says it came in under budget.

The Cost of Electricity

Shortly before the ribbon cutting ceremony, the city signed an electricity contract with Ameren Energy Marketing. The pact could save the city tens of thousands of dollars.

Ameren was one of eight companies to submit bids after the city put its power contract out for bid.

"Their bid was about 20% lower than what we're paying currently," says City Administrator Dean Torreson. "So, conservatively, our estimated savings over the next year will be $72,000."

Torreson says the city locked in for a 12-month period. The pact goes into effect during October.

The contract will cover the electricity used for city buildings, street lights, and other city property.