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Brian Joy : Focus on Downtown

Oct 30, 2013

Brian Joy says improving and enhancing Keokuk’s downtown district would be a top priority for him if he is elected to the city council on November 5.

Keokuk City Council candidate Brian Joy

Joy, a small business owner who was born and raised in Keokuk, is running in the 5th ward.

He says a strong Main Street corridor is crucial to the city’s future, adding that that can happen if Keokuk focuses more on small businesses.

“Maybe try to talk to some of the building owners, that own the buildings that are obviously vacant,” says          Joy. “Maybe talk to some young entrepreneur /small business people who might want to invest in something like that.”

He says while the city has plenty of good parks, several have their deficiencies, namely in the area of aging playground equipment.

Joy says the acquisition of the new equipment could be accomplished through local fundraising, without as much money coming from the city.

The condition of Keokuk’s streets would be another priority for Joy, if elected. 

He says he supports a long-range repair plan, as long as the budget allows it.

“Maybe if we just keep doing small spots… it would hold us off until we get a better budget to do more of the roads at once,” says Joy.

Joy says if elected, he would try to develop a program to help seniors shove their snow off of their sidewalks to avoid financial penalties.