Brady, Quinn Win Primaries for Governor

Springfield, IL – The State Board of Elections released the official results Friday from last month's primary election. Both the Republican and Democratic races for gubernatorial nominations were incredibly close:

- Bill Brady: 155,527, 20.26%
- Kirk Dillard: 155,334, 20.24%
- Andy McKenna: 148,054, 19.29%
- Jim Ryan: 130,785, 17.04%
- Adam Andrzejewski: 111,030, 14.47%
- Dan Proft: 59,335, 7.73%
- Bob Schillerstrom: 7,420, 0.97%

- Pat Quinn: 462,049, 50.46%
- Dan Hynes: 453,677, 49.54%

Kirk Dillard has conceded the GOP contest, setting up the November election for governor featuring incumbent Democrat Pat Quinn, Republican Bill Brady, and Green Rich Whitney.

Quinn says there's a "Grand Canyon" of difference between him and Brady. Quinn says many of the differences are about the economy.

Quinn has pushed for an income tax increase to help fix the state's whopping deficit. But Brady, who is a state senator from Bloomington, says Illinois can't afford to raise taxes.

Quinn hopes the two meet in many debates around the state.

Thanks to the Illinois Associated Press