Booten Named Lee County Recorder

Fort Madison, IA – The Lee County Recorder is charged with maintaining official records of ocuments to preserve property rights in real estate transactions. The office-holder is also responsible for maintaining vital records, providing registration for recreational vehicles, and creating passports.

Larry Holtkamp served as Lee County Recorder for more than 25 years. He stepped down, Dec. 1, with one year remaining in his term.

Five residents applied to replace Holtkamp. The list included Bev Boeding, who currently serves as first deputy to the Lee County Recorder.

The Lee County Board of Supervisors interviewed the five candidates on Friday, Jan. 29. The panel appointed Nancy Booten just a few days later.

Board Chairman Rick Larkin says Booten showed leadership skills and a "take-charge" attitude during her interview. The nomination of Booten was not an easy process.

Supervisor Gary Folluo initially nominated Boeding to the post. His effort failed, though, due to a lack of support.

The board then went silent for a few moments before a discussion took place about tabling the appointment. Several supervisors said that was not an option because state code requires Lee County to have someone in place within 40 days of Holtkamp's resignation.

Booten's name was then called for a vote. She was approved 4-1.

Booten has accepted the position.

Time in Office
Just how long Booten will serve as Lee County Recorder is up in the air.

Booten's term will expire December 31. She has the option to seek a four-year-term, later this year, if the position still exists.

Chairman Rick Larkin says a committee is looking into the idea of combining the offices of county auditor and recorder. He hopes the panel will make a recommendation to the Lee County Board of Supervisors within the next few weeks.

Combining the two elected positions would require a vote of the people. That means supporters would have to circulate a petition to get the issue on a ballot later this year.