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Bill to Prevent Diabetics from Driving Buses

Feb 6, 2012

A proposal in the Illinois legislature  would prevent people with certain types of diabetes from driving  a school bus.

Studies  have shown that people with insulin-controlled  diabetes tend to get  into more crashes than other drivers. If  a person's blood sugar gets too  low, he or she can lose consciousness.

Such people are already barred from driving semi-trailers.

Representative Roger Eddy (R-Hutsonville) wants to take the existing restrictions on getting a  Commercial Drivers' License (CDL) and apply them to school bus drivers.

"You can't drive a semi full of stock product across state lines -- really  because of the federal laws related to this,” Eddy said. “But in Illinois the same type of restriction doesn't exist for a form of CDL that allows you to drive a school bus, and the product that you're  carrying is, you know, a child."

Eddy stressed the new law would not affect  everyone with diabetes. It would only apply to those who use insulin to control it.

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