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Big Return on Macomb’s Special Census

Nov 27, 2013

The decision to conduct a special census appears to be paying off for Macomb.

The preliminary numbers show the headcount added 2,221 residents to the city, bringing the population to 21,509.

Credit Rich Egger

Mayor Mike Inman said Macomb will now get more shared revenue from the state and federal governments for the next seven years.  He said the city’s General Fund will gain an estimated $248,975 per year and the city will also gain $52,194 per year in motor fuel tax money.

Inman said economic development could also receive a boost because the city’s population tops 20,000.

“That’s a number that a lot of folks look at – whether it’s commercial retail or manufacturing – that’s a number they look at for a population base that things start really clicking in a lot more,” Inman said.

The mayor said the recount focused on the neighborhoods around Western Illinois University and on the southeast part of town. The city felt both those areas were undercounted during the 2010 census.

It cost an estimated $90,000 - $100,000 to have the special census done.  Inman said he was “pleasantly surprised” the results.