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Big Impact from Dam Celebration

Jul 3, 2013

The celebration of the 100th anniversary of the completion of the dam that spans the Mississippi River had a huge impact on Keokuk.

A look at the Ameren Missouri power plant from the dam stretching between Keokuk and Hamilton
Credit Jason Parrott

Tourism Director Kirk Brandenberger says he is still collecting information from bus drivers and business owners, but his best guess is that about 25,000 people attended the four day event.

The extended weekend included tours of Ameren Missouri's power plant, musical performances, vendors and greater access to a new museum in the River City Mall.

Brandenberger says the biggest draw was the trolley that ran along the top of the dam as it had more than four-thousand riders.

He says local shops, hotels and restaurants got a big boost over the weekend.

Brandenberger says just as important, though, is that many people were introduced to Keokuk for the first time.

He is hopeful they will remember the city when planning their next vacation.

The event brought to an end a three-year celebration surrounding the first dam built across the Mississippi River.