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Becky Gaylord : Easier to Manage One Location

May 31, 2014

Becky Gaylord says she is ready to assume a leadership role in Lee County government.

Becky Gaylord is running for Lee County Treasurer
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Gaylord, who lives in Wever, has worked in the Lee County Treasurer's office for seven years.

She says she has been thinking about running for the top spot for two years, but did not anticipate an opening until 2019.

Gaylord's plan was fast-tracked after incumbent Janet Strunk announced that she would retire at the end of the year.

She says she has the experience needed to run the office, having worked in drivers licenses, vehicle registration and tax collection.

Gaylord says she wants to improve customer service at the Fort Madison location and encourage cross-training to help fill in for vacations or busy times.

"It doesn't need to be a place where everyone is dreading to go in to pay their taxes and that sort of thing.  It just needs to be another friendly office just like any other."

The treasurer's race has garnered plenty of attention this year.

The office used to operate out of both Keokuk and Fort Madison, but in 2011, the Lee County Board of Supervisors closed the Keokuk location and moved all services to Fort Madison.

Gaylord says she prefers the current structure.

"(It is) much easier from a manager standpoint to have all of your employees under one office.  It is just easier to deal with.  People call in sick and you have to re-route that... when we were in Keokuk and had that sort of thing, we had to close the office."

Gaylord says she would be open to the idea of restoring services in both locations if the Board of Supervisors wants to discuss it in the future.

She says she wants to maintain drivers license services, no matter what, as the service is optional for counties.

"I would hate to see everybody have to drive to Mount Pleasant or Burlington.  Basically, I think it should be provided.  I don't want to take it out of there and I don't think that is necessary."

Gaylord says she would lobby at the state level for additional funding for the issuing of drivers licenses.

The county receives $7 for each license issued in person but nothing for each completed online.

"It would be nice to actually get a little more than that because most of the counties do not operate in the black with the drivers licenses.  It is basically a service provided by the county."

Gaylord says win or lose, she has done her best and the appreciates the opportunity to run.