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Beardstown Police Position is in Limbo

Jun 12, 2012

Beardstown and its police union agree the department needs a second-shift supervisor. However, they disagree on the standing of the position. The union wants to see the position covered under its union contract with the city.

Mayor Bob Walters disagrees.

He says, “If it's filled, that person would not be allowed to patrol like a regular patrolman. I personally feel that it's a management position and not a union position.”

This week the city's police, fire and ambulance committees met together in an effort to find a solution. Instead they tabled the issue.

Last week the city council met as a committee of the whole to consider the position. It tabled the issue once the union members made their position known.

Walters says the issue is now up to the city council. He says a provision of the city's contract with the police union allows it to ask the state Labor Relations Board for a ruling on the matter. The city council would have to request that action.

Walters says the position would most likely be filled from within the department. The force would remain at nine officers.
He also says the mayor usually makes appointments with the approval of the city council. He says the council has not yet decided on a procedure to fill the position