B-PC Best Group Assists District

Aug 21, 2012

A three-district school consolidation issue drew together parents in the Bushnell-Prairie City School District who had a number of concerns about it. They worked hard to ultimately defeat the measure that would have merged the district with Avon and Abingdon.  But the effort led them to see the district's strengths and challenges.

The Just Vote No Committee did not just fade away after the April election. Instead, the group decided to provide support for the district. The group changed its name to B-PC Best.

Shannon Price has been a member of both groups. She is now the liason between B-PC Best and the school district.

She says the  group meets at least once a month to discuss issues. It also uses Facebook and e-mail to keep in touch with individual members.

In fact, the group's Facebook page serves as a clearinghouse for information about the district.

She says, ”What we're trying to do with the B-PC Best Facebook page is putting up sort of weekly reminders about activities. And, of course, updates of anything coming along with the changes in the school district. There are new FDA lunch guidelines for healthier meals. So we want to be another resource for parents to get information. And also to ask questions from other parents.”

Price also says the group puts up links to news stories on education. She expects that Facebook page to also play a role in preparation of the district's strategic plan.