Art/Music in Fort Madison's Central Park

Fort Madison, IA – Fans of visual art and music have a chance to experience both in Fort Madison on Sunday, September 20.

The Fort Madison Area Arts Association is holding its 3rd annual Art in Central Park. The event runs from 10:00 A.M. until 5:00 P.M.

Executive Director Brian Riggs says more than 35 artists will display their works in photography, jewelry, sculpture, and painting, just to name a few.

The rundown includes Richard Hawkins, Jan & Dean Rockwell, Bonnie Wilkerson, Kenneth Krogmeier, Ray McKee, Yvette Robrigado Jury, Diann Steele, Jeff Johnson, Jennifer Hamann, Jerry Londquist, Linda Hardy, Ralph Irish, Cliff Schoonover, Gin Lammert, Sarah Clendineng, Dave Deming, Victoria Pedersen, Kathy Hardin, Jake Odle, George Gaudette, Karen Bevard, Steve Helling, Marissa McClure Mitchell, John Eberhardt, Dina Young, Jim Knapp, Robert Decker, Greg Liddle, Carroll Michalek, Vickie Doty, Jason Snyder, Renay Lazano-Dominquez, Mark Ilmberger, David Garrison, Cecile Houel, Carlene Dingman Atwater, and William DeSelms.

FMAAA Executive Director Brian Riggs says there will also be live music throughout the event. He says the first four performers are part of the Emerging Artists program, which spotlights young talent from throughout the region.

The Fairfield-based blues band, Van and the Movers, is headlining the event.

Riggs says most of the artwork at the year's "Art in Central Park" will be for sale.