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Around The Region

Jan 23, 2013

A quick look at news from around the tri-state region.

Keokuk, IA

Supporters say donations are coming in to help get Keokuk’s former rocket slide out of a city warehouse and back into a city park.

Robert Korschgen says plans are in the works to boost the fundraising campaign by holding an event along the Mississippi River in May or June.

He says it will take $50,000 to purchase the slide, address safety concerns and install it.  The final location will be determined by donors.

Lee County, IA

Lee County is looking to upgrade its GIS capabilities.

IT Director Luan Schmitt has included money in her budget for next year to utilize a 3D mapping service.

The upgrade is expected to cost about $200,000, which can be spread out over six years.  The cost would be shared by the county, Keokuk, Fort Madison and Lee County’s Assessor.

Supervisor Gary Folluo says the 3D mapping service could help with economic development, law enforcement, property assessments and emergency services.

Keokuk, IA

The Keokuk City Council could create its own discretionary fund in next year’s budget.

At-Large Alderman Zane Zirkel says he would like to see $20,000 set aside for special requests, such as building a concrete pad for the rocket slide.
Zirkel says the money could carry over from year to year.

Lee County, IA

The Lee County Conservation Department can now set aside money for future purchases.

The Board of Supervisors has agreed to create a land acquisition and capital improvement trust fund.

The conservation department would be able to put half of the money it collects from equipment rentals and plantings into the fund.

Director Tom Buckley says that should be about $7,500 annually.